Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


In order to sell your car to Cromford Cars, you must first either visit our website (www.cromfordcars.co.uk) or call us on 01773 689230.

You will need to provide us with certain information about the type and condition of the vehicle that you wish to sell.

Based on the information provided we will make an offer for your vehicle. The offer is provided on a ‘Subject to Contract’ basis and is not legally binding. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time without providing a reason for our decision.

If you are happy with our offer we will ask you to re-confirm the details that you have already provided in relation to the vehicle and we will acknowledge receipt of your offer.

We will consider your offer and advise you by email if accepted. This acceptance provides a binding contract between us. If we decline your offer we will confirm this to you by email.

Once an offer has been agreed we will email you a purchase contract for the vehicle. The contract will include the vehicles details including all the information relating to the vehicle that you (The Seller) have provided. By accepting this contract you are agreeing that all the information is correct and nothing has been omitted from the description that may affect the value of the vehicle. Once we have received the signed contract, we will arrange a collection date for you.


The price quoted in our offer is made in pound sterling (£) and includes Value Added Tax (VAT).

All prices quoted in the offer are reached through the analysis of a combination of information including that provided by the Seller. In the event that any of the information provided by the Seller is incorrect, false or misleading this will result in an inaccurate offer being provided which cannot be relied upon by the Seller.

In the event, that an error is made and the offer provided is inaccurate The Company will rectify the issue and provide a new offer as soon as is practically possible. No liability whatsoever can be accepted by The Company for errors or mistakes resulting from system failure.

If a significant increase in the vehicle mileage occurs between the date an offer is made and the vehicle collection date The Company reserve the right to revise their offer or cancel the contract.


At the time of collection, we will transfer the agreed funds to a nominated bank account in the Seller's name. Alternatively, we can provide a cheque, banker’s draft (charges may apply) or under special circumstance we may pay cash.


The Seller warrants that all the information provided is, to their best knowledge, accurate and true and they understand that any inaccurate information presented may result in a revised offer being presented or cancellation of an agreed contract.

The Seller warrants that there is not any unsettled finance on the vehicle in question.

The Seller warrants that the car has never been involved in an accident that has resulted in the car being written-off or any other serious accident that has required significant repair work.

The Seller warrants that the mileage reading on the vehicle is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge has not been manipulated to provide a false reading.

The Seller warrants that there are no significant physical defects that may make the car unsound or none roadworthy.

The Seller warrants that there are no ‘title defects’ with the vehicle.

The Seller warrants that they are the lawful owners of the vehicle with full rights to transfer ownership.

The Seller warrants that no other individual has any claim on the vehicle either legal or otherwise.


If, after accepting our purchase contract, the Seller does not wish to proceed with the sale of the vehicle a £30 + VAT administration fee will become payable immediately. This charge is made to cover the costs incurred by The Company in processing the contract.

If the Seller decides not to proceed after the ‘Confirmation of Collection’ email has been sent by The Company then a £50 + VAT administration fee will become payable. This charge must be paid within one week of the invoice date.

If, when we come to collect the vehicle, it is apparent that the vehicle has not been described accurately and a renegotiated offer cannot be agreed between the Seller and The Company then a minimum call out charge of £75 + VAT plus any associated un-recoverable costs will become payable immediately.


It is the responsibility of the Seller to disclose any finance associated with the vehicle being sold to The Company.

The Company may agree to settle any outstanding finance before the collection of the vehicle but will require proof of the settlement agreement.

If the vehicle is in negative equity the Seller must pay the remainder of the finance by credit or debit card to a representative of The Company.

If the finance is less than what is owed (positive equity) then The Company will pay the Seller the difference before the car is taken away from the agreed collection address.


The Company will collect your vehicle on an agreed date and will endeavour to provide you with an accurate time of collection on that date. The Company does not accept any liability for issues arising for the Seller from a missed collection date or time. All efforts will be made to keep the Seller informed of delays or changes to a previously advised time.

When we collect the vehicle the Seller must provide to us;

All keys and any other items or objects required for the operation of the vehicle

The vehicles service record

The current MOT certificate and all previous MOT certificates

The vehicle's V5 form

The vehicle's audio equipment

Photographic proof of identification in the form of a current driving licence or passport

The vehicles user manuals

Proof of ownership

When we collect your vehicle our representative will carry out a full visual inspection to confirm the details provided by the Seller are accurate and true.

If, during the inspection, our representatives find that the vehicle does not fully comply with the information provided by the Seller a revised offer for the vehicle may be provided.

If, during the inspection, our representatives find that the condition of the vehicle may seriously detract from its value The Company has the right to withdraw their offer and cancel the contract.