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Hire Purchase (HP) – The Traditional Plan

Buying a used car shouldn’t be stressful. Once you’ve selected your car, we’ll calculate the best finance plan available. Don’t worry if you feel you have a poor credit score, we may be able to help.

All of our finance plans are at a fixed rate, so your monthly payment will stay the same throughout the life of the agreement.

With HP you simply pay a deposit and then equal payments over 24, 36. 48 or 60 months.

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Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – A Different Way

More affordable with a lower monthly payment
Your car’s future value is guaranteed
Gives you the ability to change your car more often

You have 3 flexible options at the end of your PCP agreement:

Trade your car in for a newer or different car
Pay the optional final payment and keep the car
Hand the car back with nothing to pay (subject to return conditions)