Enhancements For Your Car

Your chosen vehicle will be full of features and benefits built in by the manufacturer. However, there are a few options you may like to consider, in order to deliver your new used car the way YOU want it.

DiamondBrite Paint & Fabric Protection


DiamondBrite is a paint-work and upholstery protection and enhancement treatment, sealing the paint-work and protecting the interior from stains and spills.

Never Polish Again

Once your vehicles paint-work has had the DiamondBrite treatment, all it will need is a wash and leather. Because dirt, grime, tree sap and fallout find it hard to attach to the DiamondBrite finish. You'll see the muck just drop off and water from the rinse bead up and drain from the paint-works surface.

Spills... No Problem

Any mishap from one of the fast food takeaways will be no problem. DiamondBrite interior treatment seals the fibres of the interior, allowing a spillage to be cleaned up without leaving a stain.

Our Price: £199 Complete Process

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